Celebrating Our First Year, What We’ve Learned
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Celebrating Our First Year, What We’ve Learned

As Power Collective turns 1 this September, Marcia Martinez Laas, its Founder & Principal (formerly partner at Zakarin Martinez Public Relations or ZMPR), takes a look back on the number one thing we learned as a leading boutique Miami PR firm for design, travel, real estate, arts and lifestyle clients, and how that lead to huge successes for our agency and our clients.

If content is king, collaboration is what crowned it. In order to secure target messaging strategically with desired audiences, we challenge our clients to go beyond their own news or assets and seek strategic alignments in order to tell their stories.  Some of our most successful stories and public relations campaigns have come from collaborating with our clients’ clients, other brands, media and partners to leverage each other’s newsworthy angles, create revived relevance, develop original content and unique offerings, create events that reach shared targets and more.

ForPower Collective’s home and design PR campaigns, we tapped South Florida’s real estate developers, brokers and interior designers they worked with on new luxury residences and secured trend pieces and home features where two to three sources and partners were included, to help form the story and share the media win with their clients, a double win.

On our travel PR campaigns, we teamed up with nearby hotels, tourism boards, airlines and more to develop destination stories where everyone’s assets helped develop and secure press placements, like the destination piece on Placencia, Belize in Conde Nast Traveler that posted earlier this year and one coming up in The New York Times late this summer.

For arts and culture PR campaigns, Power Collective looked to the larger stories and impact. For example, how New World Symphony’s 100thWallcaston Miami Beach was not just about the number, but about its larger impact using technology to engage new audiences for Classical music. Working with other national arts institutions that each spoke to its influence, we secured a national media exclusive.

All of those earned media placements transferred onto additional content platforms for our clients including social media, newsletters, personal direct mailings, events and more.

We look forward to starting another year as a top Miami PR agency and learning something new with every turn!